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Lancaster County Children & Youth/Caseworker will pay $125,000 for Stolen Babies Case

Groundbreaking Settlement Possibly First Ever in the State of Pennsylvania

Little Byonna was a year old when taken from her mother Patricia Shope for fraudulent reasons by Lancaster County Children and Youth (C&Y) and a dishonest caseworker named Gary Sanderson. Now they are both responsible to pay a total of $125,000 for their actions.

As far as Daddy Justice knows, this is a first in the State of Pennsylvania and is long overdue. Because no caseworker or agency has been held accountable for what amounts to "legal kidnapping" in many cases and for many years the system defaulted and corrupted without restraint. Hopefully, this will put a damper on the rampant and egregious destruction of children and families we have uncovered in our investigations.

As for Patricia and her mother Kathy "the grandma" they are among a crowd of one. In a conversation on the drive home from Federal Court Patricia expressed he relief that it was over and her acceptance of the settlement offer. While she stood to possible win millions of dollars in a full trial she recognized the pain it would revisit, the fact that she could lose for some unjust reason in trial and moreover that she considered their offer an admission of guilt to the tune if $125,000.

Patricia and Kathy are saddened to know that so many others have not been able to get their children returned and have suffered as they did from the false accusations levied by caseworkers.

Look for much more to come on this story.

Watch the video that we put up over a year ago!

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