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A thin skin; a pellicle; a membrane; a delicate coating or outer layer, partially obscuring what lies beneath. A thin veil, haze or blur as over the eyes.


A movie to dispel theirs.

In american law and order we have the criminal justice system you all know

Now the reality film that exposes the other “secret” system we call: daddy justice!

Reality footage like you’ve never seen.

Incredible, documented Video Justice with high risk and danger from start to stop and scene by scene. Real life unscripted drama at it’s best.

No more talking heads arguing like other documentaries. Watch the real deal and eliminate any doubt. Discover what millions of Americans already know.



Ben Vonderheide a father fighting the system in classic “Man against the World”.

With a huge supporting cast of BAD ACTORS including but not limited too:

The Bad Church

Watch with disbelief as the most Prominent Mega-Church in town wields massive political power to destroy a man and steal his child. They will stop at nothing including drugging a perfectly healthy child and attempting to put Ben in jail by false swearing and perjury.

The Bad Politicians and Doctors

Their team includes a State Senator, House of Representatives members, County Commissioners Chair (along with his cronies running all county operations), etc, etc, etc. “Christian” Counselors, Christian Psychiatric/counseling Facilities, psychiatrist, psychologists all lie with no compunction. The Mega-Christian Radio Station chimes in on the air.

The Bad Lawyers

Lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers plus a perfectly corrupt judge. Film rolls as the lawyers lie and PHYSICALLY attack Ben for protecting his son. Bazaar judge stomps on the Constitution and proves his prejudice against fathers.

The Prosecutors and Police

Prosecutors, police and sheriffs from one department after another are unwittingly engaged to attack and make false arrest after false arrest.

AND More

You’ll be amazed at all who join in the attack.


After four and a half years and based directly upon film evidence the district attorney does a 180 charging the conspirators with numerous crimes vindicating our unlikely hero and proving the value of video.

The Action

Incredible “Reality Adventure” footage will rivet the audience to this chronicle of an American Father’s struggle to overcome injustice, fraud and oppressive treatment in Lancaster County Pennsylvania Family Court System and by the ancillary players.

Follow this father as he dispels the illusion that he has any rights once he enters family courts. Watch as he follows every possible avenue to assert the court granted rights and instead is arrested and abused for his effort to be a father to his son.

The story unfolds and one by one we witness the incessant and overwhelming obstacles, false arrests, accusations and outright war this father must overcome to keep a part in his child’s life.

This fantastic portrayal of today’s real world crimes being committed against families shows the true side of this equation and imbalance and raises the question of how many fathers actually leave their children and how many are driven away or destroyed.

Love for his child compels strength in the face danger, adversity and constant set back and make this ‘The Crocodile Hunter” or a “Guerilla Warfare Manual” of Acrimonious America

Fighting a terrible judge, fraudulent attorneys, attacks from church, law enforcement and government personnel the father finally gains some ground by fortitude, fortune and with a small group of freedom fighters and forces a turn around by the system and sweeping changes –

The filmed events and the filming itself are shown to bring about change and challenge the corruption with Ben and son emerging victorious against overwhelming odds.

This epic adventure of reality American “Daddy Justice” will touch the hearts of all viewers and incense the public to the arborous use of their tax dollars to tear families apart. A story of David and Goliath proportion.

Great spontaneous humor is somehow maintained through the action, danger and adventure – at spots it’s a real HOOT!



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