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    Drugs, DEA & Possible Murder in Lancaster PA
    by Ben Vonderheide

    A dead body found in Paradise? You’d be forgiven if you didn’t see the 168 word story in the Intelligencer Journal on April 2, 2007. While the death of Jeffrey Wallace hasn’t caught the attention of the local media, has spent days and weeks interviewing and investigating the possible murder and possible cover-up by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

    According to Wallace’s parents, Pennsylvania State Police told them that Wallace took a walk to nowhere in the middle of the night, fell in the creek, smashing his face on the ground/rocks in the creek and then drowned. Lancaster County coroner’s office confirmed that the cause of death is drowning.

    But what really happened? has decided to publish what is known for sure, as well as the conflicting witnesses who all tell a horrific story. We publish it in the public’s interest but also to let you be the judge of the government agencies created to “protect and serve” us! It’s also our hope that this story prompts law enforcement to pursue justice for the victim.

    The "rumor" is that Wallace was found on his back, no shirt and in in a "prayer-like" position with his arms folded across his chest. Additionally Wallace had marks on his face. Hardly a sign that he fell into a shallow creek - one foot deep at the most - and drowned. According to one official who was at the scene, "The hill is unimpressive" i.e it does not support the police contention.

    What is known about the victim? In speaking to his mother I see that he was a good man who had recently taken a downward turn. The 38-year-old Army veteran was married at one time and has twin sons and two daughters who survive him. Times weren't always good, however. There was a divorce and at one point he declared bankruptcy and moved to Louisiana. He moved back to Lancaster County in 2004. At the time of his death Wallace was living at 853 Millwood Road, in a four unit townhouse.

    Little is known about him since he came back to Lancaster County. His aged parents still live in Narvon. They don't talk much about what happened. Wallace worked for a furniture manufacturer in the Philadelphia area. He reportedly had just cashed a $600 check prior to his death. There is street talk that he may have been buying cocaine for his personal use.

    The incident came to Daddy Justice's attention in October when sources began telling us a different story, that Wallace was murdered and dumped in the stream. Then other information began surfacing about a possible police cover-up because a suspect in the murder may be providing information to the DEA in ongoing drug cases in Lancaster County. A number of events related to the possible suspect have been uncovered that seem to fit. They appear to be more than coincidental.

    Here's what Daddy Justice's investigation has learned so far:

  • The names of Kenneth Hoffman Jr. and William Plank are mentioned by numerous sources.
  • Wallace may have been killed following a visit at the home of Plank, 1252 Freemont St., Lancaster City [writer notes we have received conflicting information as to the location of the crime and are continuing to investigate to discern the truth from the misinformation campaign]. According to street talk this is a known drug house. Allegedly Wallace was there to get drugs or had a "dispute" over drugs he had bought. Sources claim that he was beaten here and then taken and dumped in the stream.
  • Wallace's car was found hidden from view behind a house on a property that Hoffman had owned and had recently sold to a church group. It was vacant at the time.
  • Plank has a history of violence according to court records. He had been convicted and served five and a half years in state prison for beating a man near death concurrently with vehicular homicide. A woman was killed on his motorcycle and he lost his right arm – thus his nickname lefty.
  • Until recently Plank had been in Lancaster County Prison but as of today he no longer appears in the listing of inmates.
  • Hoffman was arrested in January 2006 following a major drug raid at his residence. More than $25,000 in cash and drugs were confiscated. Hoffman could be facing a possible life sentence as a result. (See related stories.)
  • Hoffman has yet to come to trial for the 2006 arrest, often a sign that enforcement agencies may be using him as a criminal informant in other drug cases and arrests.
  • Randy Parke, another Lancaster County man involved in the drug scene, is a friend of Hoffman. He and Hoffman reportedly brought methamphetamine to Parke's garage in June. When Parke left with the two kilos of meth he was pulled over and arrested. Parke is currently in a Philadelphia Holding Cell and could face significant time for this arrest because of a prior conviction. Hoffman was not arrested.
  • Wallace's parents have twice told Daddy Justice that the police informed them their son died of accidental drowning. The state police told DJ "there must be some misunderstanding" if they think that. Although his parents aren't aware of it, Pennsylvania State Police say there is an ongoing investigation into Wallace's death (this apparently only since DJ has begun beating the bushes).

    In an interview, Hoffman told Daddy Justice he had an alibi for the Wallace death. He said he was "cleared" by the Pennsylvania State Police shortly after the body was found when they did a 45-minute interview with him. Hoffman admitted freely that the word on the street is that he is an informant for the DEA but absolutely denied any involvement, offering to take a lie detector test to prove it.

    Then a couple days ago Hoffman threatened to have Daddy Justice publisher Ben Vonderheide arrested. Hoffman stated he will NOT support his position by coming forward. Vonderheide advised Hoffman he will be publishing what he has learned in the Wallace case. Hoffman was told he should respond if he wants. Hoffman is using the police again to protect him from being exposed as a possible killer.

    Now as we get deeper into this story, Daddy Justice has been warned to back off by a number of people, implying there is a shady network out there of deals between law enforcement agencies and individuals who have been arrested that are far more significant to their drug cases than a dead man.

    A couple of sources who had been talking are now no longer calling. They have gotten word from the DEA through Parke's federal public defender.

    Stay tuned, has spoken to Lancaster City Police Homicide Detective Pennsylvania State Police and the DEA agent in charge - we will keep you up to date as the story develops.

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