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daddy Justice

Wendy Flanders
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Daddy Justice

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    Those Lying Dog's ARE Going Down

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    Those  Beepin' Dads
    City Police Vs. Constitution

    Rob Musser Accuses DA of Receiving Bribe!

    Attorney Rob Musser gives an impromptu interview soon after friend of Ted Yoder, Wendy Flanders was convicted of perjury. Musser accuses the District Attorney of receiving a bribe!

    Perjury Trial of Wendy Flanders

    The Tipping Point

    Lancaster County Children & Youth/Caseworker will pay $125,000 for Stolen Babies Case

    Groundbreaking Settlement Possibly First Ever in the State of Pennsylvania

    A special THANKS! to Arch Angel Investigations, LLC for their help! (click here to go to their website)

    Little Byonna was a year old when taken from her mother Patricia Shope for fraudulent reasons by Lancaster County Children and Youth (C&Y) and a dishonest caseworker named Gary Sanderson. Now they are both responsible to pay a total of $125,000 for their actions.

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    Calvary Church Members Busted!

    Here is the EVIDENCE that the Lancaster County District used to convince a jury of 12 that Wendy Flanders and Ted Yoder were GUILTY

    Be Sure your sins will find you out!


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