Katharine Wood-Jacobs Abracadabra

Elusive Becky Cheuvront filing appears–like magic!

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James Wolman Legacy

James Wolman’s stepson seems to have learned the wrong things from dear ol’ dad.

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Detective Andrew Morgan–A Good Day!

Any day you don’t get arrested is a good day, says Detective Andrew Morgan.

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Judge Howard Knisely: What Law

Daddy Justice asks Judge Howard Knisely what law he cited when threatening DJ with arrest for asking him a question on the street.

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Blackstone 13

Daddy Justice asks if anyone has heard of the “Blackstone 13″ in Lancaster.

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The Blackstone Club

Attorney William Chillas talks about the Blackstone Club, a secret society of lawyers from the 1930s. But who is today’s Blackstone 13? Stay tuned!

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Judge John Winters Ex Parte

Daddy Justice’s private criminal complaint against Becky Cheuvront is thrown out by the judge before DJ even gets into the courtroom. She didn’t even bother to show up for the hearing.

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Filming Freedom

Daddy Justice shows how difficult it is to get charges filed against a lawyer in Lancaster County.

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Katherine Wood-Jacobs

Lancaster County Prothonotary Katherine Wood-Jacobs stonewalls Daddy Justice and then throws him out of the office, telling him not to record her.

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The Daddy Justice Mobile

Daddy Justice takes his message to the street in Lancaster!

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