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  1. Brad says:

    My friends who had their frail child taken from them 7 years ago have been trying to get him back but because they have only limited income and don’t drive (at that’s the excuse), they only were given 2 days a week with him. I tried 2 times at the citizens review board to express my concern with the situation and now my friends say that because I supported them at the CRB, they lost their visitations and that if they continued to have me in their lives, they would lose all hope of ever seeing him again. I’ve been praying for them.

    • Jesse Storm says:

      Well I would tell them to stand up and expose the fact. 40% of all single mothers collect or have collected some form of assistence form the state and government. Whereas they still have primary custody of their children. 37% of single monther with primary custody have no means of transpertation other then public transpertation. There by showing that money and wheels are not part of any court in custody. At least when it comes to single mothers.

      • maria says:

        i understand exactly how u feel. i too myself are dealing with them and my son is in their hands. i am in the process with gods help on taking them publicly on national tv. they need to be held responsible and charged.

      • maria says:

        i beleieve in my heart that they are targetting single women in this lancaster county. by taking their children and placing them up for adoption in order to boost up the economy.

        • Jesse says:

          Say what……
          boost the economy by putting children up for adoption…..

          Now that is a little out there but I guess every one has an voice or keypad.

        • 1 mad momma@fb says:

          Sorry mama, they got other plans…only thing they boosting is their wallets! Abolish cps & start new as Nancy Schaeffer says! R.i.p….a voice for the people.

          1 mad momma@fb

  2. dan rutherford says:

    Please help me to see my children. My wife beat me up and threatened to cut of my manhood. She ran off with the kids, came back and forced me out then changed the locks, got a PFA all based on LIES. She has defamed me throughout the church and her family. She won’t let me see my kids. can someone please help me?

    • admin says:

      I understand yet I fight on so many fronts I can take on no more.

    • Sid Pawar says:

      Dan: I understand your pain but we all gotta stop whining and start doing. Go to internet and join groups that are doing similar things, chaning family laws so that loving dads are not easily displaced from their kids lives.

      Do not give up cause the feminist movement has totally taken control of the family courts and we must fight back.


    • Jesse says:

      Sounds like you need to go downtown an watch a few custody cases. You need to learn what to say and what to do. There is not much you can do if you don’t know how to do it. The best way to learn is by going to the courthouse and setting in and listening to 20 or 30 cases. The best ones will be in the court room your judge is ahead of.

  3. andrea s. says:

    Back in 1999 my sons father had consensual intercourse with a 16 yr old, he was 17. He did something stupid, but afterwards he rejected her. She cried rape and they arrested him. They dropped the rape charge to an indecent assault. He was convicted and did 5 years in jail. He has to register lifetime on Megans Law. His public defender told him he could have won his case for him if he would have slipped him some money. My issue is, he passed 2 lie detector tests, evidence shows the girls actions such as putting on her shoes and finishing her beer, as told by one witness, seeking medical attention 2 days after the supposed “attach” no signs of struggle, rips, bruises tears, etc, she told one witness she said it because her parents would beat her for not coming home that night. These witnesses were not brought up on stand. Reading over his discovery packet there are many more problems with his case not being properly handled. Before being charged being he was only 17 the Lebanon County posted his name in the newspaper etc. He did 5 yrs and both his parents passed away during his incarceration. And he is a lifetime register. His case is public anyone can see for themselves. Oh, could it be maybe because he was a poor hispanic male and she was not? Can something be done about the corruption. I heard this Public Defender is now a Judge

    • admin says:

      Which Judge is that (curious)

      I have no easy answers for you – If I did I would not stand wrongfully convicted right now on appeal to Superior Court.

      I have had to do my own legal work because there is no help available unfortunately.

  4. Sid Pawar says:

    WE gotta stand together and continue to fight..believe me we will win in the end because the human mind is the most powerful thing that there is…

  5. Cynthia N Haupin says:

    The cps has taken my 5 yrs. old daughter over hear say and that the worker for cps didn’t like me. I’ve been working 8 months to get back the child they stole . There are so many other cases the same and the people really mistreating their children they couldn’t care. Please I live in Elkins , WV 26241 help us their are so many cases its a small town so they believe they can do anything I’ve done everything asked and still they hold my child. They didn’t and can’t prove anything bad was done to my child after them taking her she failing school, is know in counciling, having trouble hitting other children an interacting with other children, plus many other problems. the last time i saw her she said “mommy i want to go home what do i have to do to come home?” Like it was her fault. This is not fair to put a child through this. I am not as worried about myself as i am an innocent child that within the last 2 years just months apart lost her sister (my other daughter), her grandfather, and her grandmother. (Whom she has so very close to my parents were her babysitters her whole life) Now she’s with strangers they call her fathers family that before this she had never really met. I love my daughter she is all I have left in this world and because 1 woman doesn’t like me ( which I find funny the woman who took my daughter is the same took my biological mothers children from her) she is going to put my baby through more grief then any adult let alone a child should have to suffer. This system is wrong I need help deeply before my child is so scared she’s never the same. Please, please someone help.

  6. Cynthia N Haupin says:

    Also something worse yet. I personally know in this town of Elkins ,WV at least 12 other cases just like mine. We need help so badly. We’re losing hope but I would fight the devil himself for my child and I’ll never stop I loose my car , my home, my 5 other properties, my possessions, everything and it won’t matter if I can just get my innocent child thats never lived with anyone but me an is scared to death back. I’ll never back down an their trying hard to break me it won’t happen she’s too important. But I need a miracle if anyone has a some bit of anything that’ll help please please please let me know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Linda J. Tillotson says:

    Family courts are becoming one of the most corrupt courts in todays society. Our family court here in Orange County Ca. has several class action law suits against them now. If all else fails… Sue The Bastards!!!!

    • Jesse A Baker says:

      I agree I liver here in PA and it is the same way we need to stand and expose this to the general public and as the governments is showing total disregard for the constitution and bill of writes the PUBLIC NEEDS TO STAND!

      • John Mayson says:

        Well, in Hayward there is a corrupted Judge named Charles Smile, he punished me for telling the truth in court in a divorce case which my ex modified the final judgement papers without my consents. I think this is a big corruption.

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  10. Wesley Leahy says:

    I need some help I’m going through a divorce in the state of Kentucky, there are 3 kids involved 2 are mine 1 is not. This started with my ex wife attacking me in front of her son, witch I have tried to adopt. Charges weren’t filed, she checked herself into a psychiatric hospital and was released in 5 days with no improvements. I’m fighting to see my 2 kids and she is trying to keep her son away from me at all times he 16 an now in a psychotic hospital himself because of all this and is being told by his mother when she gets mad that I’m not his father and that I’m a bad person. Meanwhile she has been trying to get me to take her back .I don’t know how to really go about all this, I don’t have a lot of money to get the best lawyer and I have a dyslexia so it makes it hard for me to do the research on my own. I just need some help and I heard about this guy through a friend of mine that runs this website if you could please help I would forever be in your debt!! Please help me…

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