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Daneen Miller-Smith, Divorce Master

Alvin Esh’s ex, Michelle, drained a line of credit worth $194,000. The judge said she could keep it, but Alvin has to pay it back.

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Daneen Miller-Smith and Alvin Esh

Alvin Esh asks for 50% custody of his 11 year old son, but the feminist custody conference officer decides on 20% instead. He’s also not allowed to drink a beer within 24 hours of custody and is not allowed to … Continue reading

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Daneen Miller-Smith, Women’s Rights Agent

Daneen Miller-Smith, a lifelong women’s rights activist, works as a custody conference officer. Can she be objective with fathers if she’s a feminist lawyer?

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Rebecca Cheuvront Extortion

Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront blackmails a parent into signing away custody.

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Rebecca Cheuvront 3 — Fraudsters

Daddy Justice asks Becky about her attorney husband’s conviction for wire fraud.

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