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Mark Dalton Fathers’ Rights Champion

Mark Dalton, appointed Director of Court Administration by conservative judges, won landmark rights for gay fathers. But what about the rights of non-gay fathers?

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Daneen Miller Smith Feminist Divorce Master

Lancaster Countians may vote for conservative “traditional family values” but what they get is a liberal feminist Divorce Master.

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Chuck Groh: Traditional Family Values

Lancaster County voters elect conservative judges that tout “traditional family values”. But what if the judges rely on non-traditional individuals for court decisions?

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FilmPolice101 – DEA

Daddy Justice talks to DEA Regional Director Bruce Mulberger about his plans to seize a vehicle.  

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FilmPolice101: Going Postal

Crazed mailman threatens Daddy Justice with 5 years of prison for putting a book in a mailbox!  

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FilmPolice101 Ray Corll, Dick Heim–Gun or Cam?

Daddy Justice asks two Lancaster city police if they can tell the difference between a camera or a gun.  

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