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Madelyn Fudeman and Abe Minker

What’s the connection between Berks County judge candidate Madelyn Fudeman and notorious mobster Abe Minker?

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Madelyn Fudeman and the $101,000 question

Berks County candidate for judge Madelyn Fudeman refuses to explain why a woman in Chicago donated $101,000 to her campaign.

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Madelyn Fudeman and Janet Reno

Madelyn Fudeman, Berks County judge candidate, has trouble remembering her work history.

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Help fund the films!

Help fund Daddy Justice’s efforts to make the “false accusers beware”! Donations can be made easily and quickly via Click on “Transfer”, then “Send someone money”, and send donations to You can also contact Daddy Justice at 717-872-8530.

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