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Funimals Christmas 2012

The Funimals celebrate 20 years of fun with children!

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The Capture of Phill Langley

Daddy Justice captures the “perp walk” of Phill Langley, who is accused of the repeated rape of a 12 year old girl.

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Phill Langley: Wanted for Rape of a 12 Year Old

Help get this guy off the streets!

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LCC2: Kathy “Bobbitt” Markley

Meet Kathy Markley, poster girl for the DV industry and emasculator of men in Lancaster County.

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Lancaster County Courthouse, Episode 1

Part 1 of the unjust conviction of Daddy Justice in Lancaster County Courthouse.

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Judge Ballantine Did Us Grimy

Judge Kelly Ballantine has asked for her trial to be moved in order to get a fair trial, claiming the press (including Daddy Justice’s reporting) has biased the public against her. Let’s hear what her “adoring public” has to say!

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