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LCC3 Trial 1 – Sgt. McLaughlin’s Perjury

Lancaster City Police Sgt. Ed McLaughlin perjures himself during Daddy Justice’s trial for disorderly conduct.

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Cowardly Commissioners, Part 2

Daddy Justice speaks at a Berks County Commissioners meeting, and then the meeting quickly adjourns!

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LCC3 Trial 1 – Kathy Bobbitt Perjury

Kathy “Bobbitt” Markley perjures herself on the witness stand in Trial 1.

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Cowardly County Commissioners

Daddy Justice returns to Berks County and the county commissioners run away as fast as they can!

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LCC3 – Trial 1 Opening Statement

Daddy Justice delivers the opening statement at his first trial on harassment and disorderly conduct charges.

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