PFA used to hide truth of forgery?

When 46-year-old professional pilot Jim McCutcheon, from Berks County, PA realized he was the intended victim in a “Falsified Deed” scam he reported it to the authorities on January 5, 2011. Unfortunately for him, the perpetrator, his ex-wife Alexis Hahn is Secretary/Treasurer for the Board of Supervisors in Ontelaunee Township so Jim was taking on an insider and government employee. Thus the classic “Man against the System” battleground was established and would begin to play out in its full majesty.

Not yet understanding these dynamics and following direction from “an expert” known as Daddy Justice, he tried to expose Alexis’s fraud by attending a township supervisors meeting. Presenting the fraudulent document to the government officials during the public comment segment.

But Jim would soon fall victim to a greater evil – the “False PFA” {Protection from Abuse} system was in place and a perfect tool for such frauds, forgers and false accusers as Alexis would prove to be.

There’s nothing unique about Alexis manipulating law enforcement, tax-funded lawyers, a bad judge and corrupt courthouse, it happens everyday in the world of PFA. Jim had mistakenly anticipated that since her paid positions required a high level of public trust that her bosses should be very interested on behalf of their constituents. All to often we see treasurers who finagle away amazing amounts of money before they are caught. They should be especially interested that Alexis had exploited her “official” access to public land records granted by her position. It was as their secretary she had access to the document she forged into her fraud.

Jim was no longer the All-American healthy success Alexis had bought into, not pulling down $100K per year to fuel her whims. It was now seventeen operations after falling from that airplane ladder while flying as private courier.

Jim’s injuries put him in a wheelchair for a while, he worked hard through the walker phase and now steadied himself with a cane and extreme support back-brace. My name is Annie and I’m Jim’s friend. I stood with him as he strove to walk again, occasionally falling down, picking himself up. And that’s what he was trying to do (pick himself up emotionally), when he asked me to help him organize his filing system and get his affairs in order. There had been so many operations and complications that life and health is no longer for granted. Jim certainly recognized his own mortality as never before. I assisted in organizing his divorce, property, insurance policies, etc. He said, “My wife took care of the bills and legal paperwork. I trusted her to make sure everything was in order and she did a good job.” His chin dropped to his chest when he discovered important legal and financial “irregularities” but I had to tell him, they needed dealt with immediately. Everything he owned was on the line!

Alexis wanted and pushed a “shipwrecked” Jim through divorce in July 2010, gusting the whirlwind of his downward spiral. They drew up and signed financial agreements and divorce paperwork she found on-line. Explaining the divorce was final she provided date-stamped copies for his files. I noticed the judge had not signed the divorce order! How could she file an order and the judge doesn’t sign it? Alexis had failed to file what’s called a Precipice so while she had convinced Jim otherwise, in fact they were NOT divorced. Thus she still owned everything equally in absolute contrast to their agreements and understanding.  In addition she remained his beneficiary on the will though that is NOT what he wanted at all. Hardly an oversight for Alexis, a professional in government as secretary and treasurer.

The next “irregularity”, the deed scam will open the gates and take you on a “fantastic voyage” through the Berks County Court System if you stay tuned. Alexis created a fraudulent deed to convince Jim he owned the house free and clear as per their settlement. She claimed to have filed the paperwork with the Berks County Recorder of Deeds, Mr.Frederick C. Sheeler.

On January 5, 2011, Jim called Mr. Sheeler’s office to verify the validity of the deed. Speaking first with a front line employee who put him on hold for a moment to “research the deed”, A moment later Mr. Sheeler himself was on the phone, intensely asking Jim where he got the deed in his possession. Jim explained that his wife Alexis gave it to him. When asked pointedly Jim explained that she works for Ontelaunee Township as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Board of Supervisors and is also their Records Manager.

Mr. Sheeler asked Jim for a copy of the deed, which he promptly sent via email. Within minutes he was back on the phone… he was turning it over to the Berks County District Attorney’s Office and wanted Jim to make a report with the State Police.

NOTE: Recorder of Deeds Frederick Sheeler is the first and last government related character that will do the right thing in our story for sometime so we applaud his actions. Without hesitation and with no concern as to her affiliations this government official immediately contacted police and reported a crime. That evening Jim filed an official police report with the PA State Troopers. Trooper Beck took the case and it is still under official investigation.

On January 6, 2011 Jim went to the Berks County Courthouse to file a PFA against Alexis. He wanted her nowhere near especially in his frail condition and weakened state of defense capacity. Alexis has a history of violent behavior, not only within the household with Jim but she also threatened to kill the Shoemakersville tax collector, Deborah Smith. Mr. Sheeler encouraged Jim to protect himself and his assets. Jim filled out the PFA paperwork and we went home for the day.

Was it paranoia, fear based on the medications for pain or well founded concerns for his safety? There was certainly a chilling realization to know that if Jim were to meet an end for any reason, that Alexis had arranged financial gain through diabolical, malicious and cunning manipulation. For sure there was no good reason that she should be on his property or find him elsewhere and now that she actually still owned the property with him she had every right to appear at anytime or anywhere and trip Jim down a canyon.

The following morning we returned to the courthouse and waited patiently to talk to the judge. After an hour or so the judge’s secretary came out and told Jim that his PFA case was denied. No explanation. He did not even see the judge. No hearing. He tried to do the right thing to protect himself but Berks County turned their back on him. He was on his own, in pain and wondering where he could possibly turn to protect himself.

I have a life-long friend, Ben Vonderheide they call Daddy Justice. He deals specifically with false PFA’s and navigating the legal system in practice and on film for a documentary he is producing. Ben is well known in Lancaster County, PA for his “Daddy Justice” antics and actions and that’s just one county over from Jim and I. His website, focuses on investigative reporting of false PFA’s in the Lancaster, York, Berks and Dauphin Counties. His personal quest to see his son lead him down the lonely road of legal road blocks, incarceration (then exoneration) and finally the Lancaster County District Attorney charged his ex-paramour, Wendy Flanders with filing a false PFA and felony perjury. Wendy was found guilty and spent time in jail. Remarkably and unfortunately Wendy remains the only woman ever convicted of perjury in a custody hearing in America. This is a testament to Ben’s success and a condemnation on the system that refuses to prosecute perjury and fraud happening in the very courthouses and courtrooms themselves.

I called Ben to see what Jim’s options were at this point and he suggested we attend the Ontelaunee Township Board of Supervisors Meeting and expose her fraudulent deed to the Board and make public record in the minutes.” Township Meetings are open to the public so they can’t block you or pull any false accusation nonsense”, Ben said. During the course of the meeting there is an opening for public comments from the audience. Jim and I made plans to attend the next board meeting on Thursday, February 3, 2011. I prepared remarks in writing and had a copy of the fraudulent deed for the board supervisors, solicitor, reporters, etc to see and have.

The following day, Alexis’ credit card company called and said she didn’t pay her bill and Jim remained the primary account holder so this negatively affected his credit report. He attempted to contact her several times to discuss her credit card debt. She gave him her cell phone number and asked him to call her after work but she did not return his calls. He paid off her credit cards to keep his own credit report in good standing but filed a complaint with the court in Hamburg to recoup $16K – The party was over and the gig was up for Alexis… or was it?

We nervously arrived at the Ontelaunee Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, signed in and took our seats with the few members of the public attending. A very small crowd would hear of their treasurer’s lack of integrity and willingness to commit fraud for financial gain but at least the public record would reflect our remarks. There sat Alexis all prim and proper in her position as official secretary; taker of notes for the public.  So, what exactly would she write, what would be her official translation of our words? We had no idea what to expect.

Snapping from prim when she spotted us, Alexis rocketed from her seat raging yet somehow maintaining a mutter tone as she passed Jim, grunting through her teeth “YOU’RE DEAD!” In what seemed like a flash two policemen were on us like criminals, they needed to talk to Jim and could they talk to him outside. He said sure and hobbled outside in compliance, without confrontation, not wanting any further trouble. No worries, I’m still here, I thought.

Alexis reappeared strutting and gloating until shocked by the sight of me sitting tough, patiently waiting for the meeting to begin. She whispered something to the Board Lawyer Elizabeth McGovern and they slid silently but precariously into a side room for a mini-conference. Alexis came out and took her seat at the board table, like players in theater acting the part of secret agents, the lawyer and board supervisor slipped indiscreetly off next. After all this poo-poo they took seat somewhat flustered and disheveled, “I call this meeting to order”.

The Board Chairman Kenneth Stoudt announced that they would forgo their regularly scheduled agenda and accept “any public comments first” before regular business. I was waiting for Jim and planned on speaking at meetings-end, so I hesitated. After a short pause he said, “Ann Marie Whaley, do you have any public comment”. I said, “As a matter of fact sir, yes I do”. (How did he know my name, we never met before). I read my remarks outlining that their secretary/treasurer forged a false deed to commit financial fraud. When I was finished speaking I approached the board and handed the supervisor a copy of my prepared remarks and a copy of the false deed. I was actually relieved to speak first, I didn’t have to wait anxiously through their droll meeting to get my remarks on the record. Mission accomplished, I grabbed my briefcase and headed out to meet Jim still dealing with the police. He was surprised that I made my comments already and we got out of there.  What right did they have to waylay Jim from the microphone?  Amazing power Alexis wields!

February 4, 2011 the next night we sat a bit stunned, wondering what exactly had happened and waiting for Ben AKA Daddy Justice to call back with any ideas. We didn’t have to wonder long before one of those ominous – “you know it’s the man”- sheriff’s deputies knock on the door.

They were there to serve Jim a PFA – Protection From Abuse Order signed by a judge – contending that Jim was a danger to Alexis. They needed to confiscate his guns and threatened what could happen if he had any contact with Alexis. The PFA stated in part;

“He appeared last night at the public supervisors

meeting knowing I would be there. He filed two lawsuits against me 2/1/2011.

I was advised to get the police and two of the Northern Berks Regional Police

removed him without incident.  The woman that arrived with him tried to

intimidate and harass me in front of my supervisors.  They didn’t entertain her  verbiage and she left.”…

What a bunch of hooey!

Jim looked like he was utterly defeated and ready to collapse on the floor, a man with zero background in the legal world, never a criminal yet he stood accused, facing sheriffs with guns billy clubs and tazers to back up their badges. They weren’t there to protect him. His PFA had been refused, remember. No they were there as a vindictive, well planned and cop supported tactic to shut Jim up and make him accept whatever Alexis wanted.

Now with a PFA and she can automatically get police to throw Jim out as her name remains on the deed. Or she can appear at any moment at any place on the property and create an incident to get Jim thrown immediately into prison for violating the PFA. Jim wouldn’t last long with that crowd in his incapacitated and inexperienced condition. Does he have to leave and get a hotel room? Should he just check into the psych ward or end all the pain for good? Does the system understand the magnitude of what they are putting men through with these false PFA’s?

Jim mused and lamented how dramatically different his life was compared to not so long ago.  Gone was the beautiful happy wife and the $100K a year flyboy career, life force, vigor and health. In its place, insurmountable forces attack on every front!

How much more could he take?

WOW, so this is the way the PFA game is played?

Next up!

Lawyers, cops, judges and more await their shot at Jim as the PFA process unfolds.

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6 Responses to PFA used to hide truth of forgery?

  1. ems guide says:

    […] PFA used to hide truth of forgery? | […]

  2. Larry Smith says:

    What ever happened to the McCutcheon vs. Hahn case? I used to practice law in NC, and if I read the facts correctly, Hahn ought to be prosecuted for forgery or some other statutory or common law crime for what she did.

    Under our Chapter 50 of the General Statutes, we have domestic violence and no-contact orders here in NC, and yes, they are abused by plaintiffs lying under oath to gain tactical advantages in court, as SLAPPs, and as witch hunts. I’m on the receiving end of one myself at the moment being used as an inquisition, a witch hunt, a vendetta, and a SLAPP by corrupt local officials and their shill who have tried now about four times to have me jailed based on her outrageous perjury. I’m cited back into court this coming Thursday in Asheville, NC, again by an outrageously false affidavit of the diabolical plaintiff, Martha Elizabeth “Marty” Grist aka Marty Tackitt-Grist.

    I like this Vonderheide character. He is a tiger who doesn’t give up!

    • admin says:

      Yes, she plead out. We did get her charged which is not easy as you know.
      I’ll be defending myself on Criminal charges here in PA on Thursday too.
      Good luck to ya!
      Bengal Tiger

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would it be possible to obtain these documents presented to the Ontelaunee Board of Supervisors during the aforementioned meeting? I am researching some of the happenings, past and current, of this township and stumbled upon this blog. There is no reflection of anything Ann Marie said during this meeting within the meeting minutes and the Township Open Records Officer is stating they do not “possess” any of these documents. I am curious to see what was submitted and how it conveniently went missing.

    “I read my remarks outlining that their secretary/treasurer forged a false deed to commit financial fraud. When I was finished speaking I approached the board and handed the supervisor a copy of my prepared remarks and a copy of the false deed”

    Thank you for your time! Any information is much appreciated!
    – A Concerned Resident

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