Becky Cheuvront Delay of Game

Becky Cheuvront’s email proves that she is drawing out the Esh divorce case to make more money.

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2 Responses to Becky Cheuvront Delay of Game

  1. Joey says:

    Daddy Justice.
    You have my respect and admiration for ferreting out this corrupt behavior on the part of “justice” workers and even former marriage partners. Money seems to be the prevailing theme here. As a great believer in Karma, I feel very bad for these people in the future and I see great things for you.
    All the Best

  2. debra sauble says:

    went on your website site the other day, and to my surprise you had the issue’s posted that you had with Becky Cheuvront. I was up against her in the ongoing case in Vogel/Sauble custody of my grandson. I knew nothing of the women ,only that I suspect that the councelor appointed by the court recommended her to Rick/Donna as a lawyer that would win custody back of Jordan, for them. Well, when your article said that she was guilty of perjury, you couldn’t have been more right. THis woman should have been disbarred yrs ago, although I know nothing of her history. But boy, did I learn. When you go to a lawyer ,you are suppose to tell them the truth, we are in a custody fight for a child’s wellbeing. Well, let me tell you, the Vogels came back with both cannons loaded. One lie after another, drugs, ol grand dad, teaching Jordan to roll blunts it was like they were so amped up on lies ,I was surprised the bible didn’t catch fire. THis woman was so adamant in her stradegy to get them custody that there were no holes barred.
    I can say that I told the truth, and I did ? RIck about his ranting after Jeremy’s passing about going to Jeremy’s to ask Amethyst to help him do some work, but she was so scantly dressed , that the business they got down to wasn’t cleaning any customers pipes but his own. Well, would you believe that after we came back from lunch she asked if Rick could retake the stand , he got up and if I wouldn’t have known better I would have thought Pres Clinton was on the stand, I did not have any relations with that girl. I thought holy crap can you believe this crap. Like this would make everything that they had already lied about seem true. Also , when we broke for lunch ,that witch had the balls to say to my lawyer, don’t let her alone with Jordan. ohh, please. I didn’t have to convince my grandson to live with me, he was always with me, he knew , knew I was there for him, like I was for his dad. There is one thing I will say and that is Rick knows more about Jeremy’s death than he leaves on , and Karma is a bitch.

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