PA Judicial Conduct Board Supports Reich

The PA Judicial Conduct Board gives Judge Jeffrey Reich a pass…which they do 99.3% of the time when complaints are filed against judges.

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One Response to PA Judicial Conduct Board Supports Reich

  1. Robert says:

    Daddy Justice,

    I can’t believe this. I have been following your videos and it would have seemed that there had to be some kind of punishment for this Judge. But then you think about it and it’s probably what every other judge does daily, and it would really disrupt their way of life to not be able to do it. So basically, people are screwed. Judges get what they want after they kiss enough butt and more to get appointed and elected by the powers that be. Lawyers get some of what they want if they remain quiet and people on the right side of the money funding this whole thing get what they want. The only people who usually don’t get what they want are good fathers, because mothers both good and bad are worth more to the court. You are still the only one I know of trying to show this and I would think that eventually some good has to come of it all.
    Best to you and Happy New Year Daddy Justice

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