SRPD, Commission will disband

Corruption brings down the Southern Regional Police Department and the Police Commission.

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3 Responses to SRPD, Commission will disband

  1. Joe says:

    Great Job Ben

  2. Elaine Keno says:

    Just saw this. This is great news! Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff was on that commission, lending some false legitimacy to a corrupt cop convicted of perjury, theft from taxpayers, and a host of other charges by the Pa Ethics Commission, in a deal that allowed him to keep his badge and remain free to victimize others, including his own staff. He will probably leave it on his resume, anyway. lol

  3. Elaine Keno says:

    oh… please give me a different posting name – Rosey. He has been dogging me since I outted him 8-yrs ago. Thx! E

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