Dead Man Talking

Want to get quality health care? Don’t go to jail! At least not in Lancaster County. Watch Dead Man Talking, about a man who became paralyzed in Lancaster County Prison and was made to lay in his cell paralyzed for 24 hours before anyone would take him to a hospital! He died about two months later.

Dead Man Talking from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Dead Man Talking

  1. Lisa Burrell says:

    hey there daddy justice!! This is lisa a friend of lefty plank’s. i am so glad that u put the video up Dead man talking!! i have benn waiting for this. he is missed everyday here in Refton pa. Thanks for your continuis support for lefty. he is all looking down on us tellin us to keep up the fight. thanks again.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Have you read this yet?

    David is having his case heard by the Supreme Court very soon.


  3. Stan J. Caterbone says:

    Ben, Sorry I did not see this back when Lefty Died. As you know, my Dad and Lefty’s Grandfather grew up on Rockland Street and moved to Fremont Street together. Then they built a hunting camp together. Lefty’s Dad, Rich is Godfather to my youngest brother Tommy and my brother Phil, the Doctor, his middle name is Walter, after Lefty’s Grandfather. There are some gaps in this story, like why was Lefty selling the house before he was arrested. In fact, the day he was arrested I watched the Lancaster City Police walk him down Fremont Street and I was yelling at them to “Take it Easy on Him” – they were man handling him.

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