Daneen Miller-Smith and Alvin Esh

Alvin Esh asks for 50% custody of his 11 year old son, but the feminist custody conference officer decides on 20% instead. He’s also not allowed to drink a beer within 24 hours of custody and is not allowed to take his son to church.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks again do showing the absurdity, unfairness, gender discrimination, unbelievably biased “court” officers and more of what happens in Lancaster County family justice system. Just as the Ukranians ousted Yanukovych, many of these people need arrest warrants issued for them. Great job showing this seedy underbelly of society for what it is. Only more of this will convince the participants who want to do the right thing and actually feel guilty for this behavior, to actually do the right thing, instead of bowing to peer pressure. Where in the past, their jobs could have been in jeopardy for not joining in the corruption, now they will be in more jeopardy for ignoring this and continuing with the corruption.

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