Raymond Wierciszewski, PA Disciplinary Board

Does the PA Disciplinary Board protect citizens or cover for bad lawyers? Can they be filmed?

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  1. Guest says:

    I made 4 calls to this office today. The office is huge (what with all of 13 people!) so nobody knew about DJ’s visit, of course. The powers were ‘at lunch’. The receptionists were resistant, rude and angry from the get go. Long holds, hung up on me 4 times. Never were willing to take the ‘stop bullying our public pressmen/give us sunshine’ message. Argued constantly rather than listening. Told me that DJ was not bullied. Kept asking for MY name but refused to give theirs as our public representatives. They said the office is not a taxpayer funded office but refused to say where their funding comes from.

    All in all a very productive day in terms of better understanding the Beast. What with arrogance like that from our public officials, this country is probably too far down the rabbit hole to bring back…without some serious crises to wake us up. We need ‘White Blood Cells’ like DJ by the millions if we are to have any hope of bringing Rome back from the brink.

    • admin says:

      It is interesting, they are the “Supreme Court Disciplinary Board” yet perchance
      funded by the lawyers they are supposed to police. It said Supreme Court on the placard!
      The Supreme Court is tax funded so it is not surprising you would think so..

      • Guest says:

        I smell a rat here. I didn’t trust these resistant, rude and arrogant bureaucratic rats the least little bit. They definitely never had any intention of being helpful or truthful from the get go.

        That said, I too, wondered whether the fox is guarding the hen house for us here. Seems very strange to have all that official looking legitimacy but no tax dollars involved. Also seems strange that the woman absolutely refused to tell me who did fund em instead.

        Disclosure of funding sources should be an easy call given the nature of this particular office. You seem to have made em mum for some reason though. Imagine that.

  2. Keith Struzinski says:

    Lancaster county courts and all offices like this need to be attacked on a daily basis. Lancaster county is worse then Hazzard county from the show Dukes Of Hazzard…..

  3. Jonathan says:

    Lancaster county has perhaps the most corrupt legal hegemonies I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. It is sad to see the people in position of public trust betray us all.They swore an oath to higher ethics. Their betrayal, no matter how small, is slap on America’s face. They are the direct cause of the eroding faith in the judicial system.

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