James Cullen Judges on Drugs

Daddy Justice wonders if people have the right to know what drugs judges are taking when they decide their cases.

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2 Responses to James Cullen Judges on Drugs

  1. anon says:

    the rest of us have to be drug tested for work, so why not them? Oh, they are the elite, better than us, and don’t even need to reply to questioning about it like him. Haughty and arrogant.

  2. Chris says:

    Just like a guilty person, they either lash out or remain silent. The non-guilty response would be to say “I am available for drug testing anytime”. What a gutsy question Daddy Justice. But one yet another that needs to be asked. I hope any that are affected by Drugs or any other affliction, whether it be emotional, or even the affliction of corruption in any way, think about the damage they cause and think about trying to correct the Karma that is coming, just because it is a universal truth that you reap what you sow. One way or another..

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