False Allegations Month, Part 1

Daddy Justice goes to Washington, D.C. to speak at the first-ever False Allegations Month conference, sponsored by SAVE. A Domestic Violence conference was in progress downstairs in the same hotel!

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3 Responses to False Allegations Month, Part 1

  1. Craig Miller says:

    I stumbled across your youTube videos last week, and want to thank you for speaking up and taking a strong stand, and throwing it in their faces.

    I too am a victom of a false alegation of abuse. I was lucky, it was tossed and I was also lucky that 12 months later I managed to get 50/50 custody and shared legal with the finalization of the divorce. I say I was lucky, because like any good fight, there are many battles, some one, some lost and some are a draw. Mine was a draw, but I now have the power to keep the ex’s BS in check, and by simply being a good dad I can defeat her efforts at parental alienation.

    I am also PISSED beyond all belief that my ex was never held accountable for her actions. You’ve given me some insperation that maybe, just maybe justice and be achieved.

    If you have the time I would like some advice on how you won.



    • admin says:

      Hi Craig,
      Congrats – You are a winner and so are your children.

      Thanks for checking out the vids – More to come.
      Daddy Justice

  2. Jon Butler says:

    My name is Jon Butler

    I used to own a construction business in 07-09. In Sept 08. I became a Father. In the same time my daughter was born. All my clients started backing out. So I ended up getting a part-time job as a head maintenance man for a church I also became a mom, Dad, and caregiver to my daughter. During that time my daughter and I were the victims of crimes against us. Were the mom was arrested for Domestic Violence and pled guilty to a lesser charge. And put on probation. Thar are also CPS reports were the mom admitted to pushing my daughter off the bed 3 times .also in that report she tells them. She dropped Faith in the tub were she hit her face and chipped her tooth in half. Police reports were she admits she know karate and how to defend herself. And witnesses that have seen her attacks.. I drop my daughter off at Daycare on October 26, 2011. After that she was kiddnapped from me using fraudulent unethical tactics ..I’ve seen her about 38hrs sence then. I’ve never been arrested or charged with any thing or crimes against the mom or my daughter.please this story needs to be heard. I hope u can help. I have the paperwork on this too. All the evidence. I also made a diary of what I’ve had to and are going through on YouTube my account name is jonbutler1 or if you can’t find it. then under my email jon76sport@hotmail.com. some are emotional graphic. .To let you know I’ve put two protection orders on the abusrr for attacks on the child and me..on May 09, 2011. I put the second one on the abuser. On Oct. 12, 2011 I call the supervisor of Family Court Services and left a message telling them how the social worker,Debra Hunter treated me. I said I trusted her and she laughed at me. 60mins. into a 120min interview she feel asleep woke up after her cat nap and told me to repeat the May 09th attack. 90min into the interview she kicked me out and told me we would finish it later. We never did..on Oct12 i called her boss to report Miss Hunters actions….two hours later the abuser walks into the court house and puts a protection order on me, even tho thar was one aready on the abuser. In that protection order the abuser tells the court in a question, Would Jon Butler ever hurt the child. The abuser says”No Jon would never hurt Faith he loves her” The actions from the groups helping out this abuser is unethical and fraudulent and most of all abusive. I need help. I have all evidence and can send you all the paperwork.

    Jon Butler
    A father in need

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