Orrin Hatch, Stop VAWA

Daddy Justice calls Senators Hatch, Grassley and Leahy and urges them to deny reauthorization for VAWA funding.

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  1. Larry Smith says:

    As a Democrat I oppose VAWA too. You might as well call it VAMA, because it invokes violence against men.

    I am 68 and have been retired from law since the 80’s. I didn’t really know much about VAWA until I got SLAPPed with a phony NO-CONTACT order (same as PA’s PFA Order) here in NC. What a shock! And you know what? The judge even issued a TRO when the plaintiff hadn’t even requested it! That’s just how insane the courts have become — MADHOUSES! — with these idiotic laws.

    Then I found USA vs. Cassidy wherein Federal Judge Roger W. Titus of Maryland issued an order dismissing the case against Cassidy because the criminal statute embedded in VAWA chills free speech and is grossly unconstitutional.

    I really don’t like this guy, William Lawrence Cassidy, who tweeted veiled threats against a woman on the other end of the country; but the felony case against Cassidy was justly thrown out because Cassidy was protected, even with his despicable internet speech, by the guarantees of the First Amendment. And the purported victim had to open the tweets to read them, so it wasn’t like Cassidy had bombed her email box.

    So anyone who needs to understand VAWA should read the Cassidy case, and the great Amicus Brief filed for Cassidy by the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

    And finally, I cannot praise this site enough, and Mr. Vondereide enough, for the service he is rendering to men who are persecuted as if they were witches. As victims of sinister tools like VAWA, cyberstalking statutes, and PFA laws, men are taking a beating in the courts. We have to organize and fight back. Until I saw for real how the courts and judges are abusing these vague, overbroad laws with all their hidden warts and chancres I never would have believed it.

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