Ballantine Busted

Daddy justice helps get District Justice Kelly Ballantine removed from the bench and arrested.

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2 Responses to Ballantine Busted

  1. Steven Weems says:

    Ben you have a lot of brass. We need more guys like you with a lot of brass. If you run for office you have my vote !!!

  2. Michael P. says:

    I have gone through years of the same injustice in the Family Court System in Ontario. Unfortunately, the whole court system is a business for the judges, lawyers, and others involved in it’s day to day operations. What do they want? Returning customers to help pay their bills. How do they accomplish their goals? By keeping families dysfunctional instead of curing the issues and creating happiness for everybody.
    Please make sure that your son has somebody to talk to about his feelings whether it be a psychologist or similar that can guide him so he doesn’t grow up and subconsciously end up in the same situation with a partner due to all the mess.
    Good Luck with your journey!

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