Rebecca Cheuvront 3 — Fraudsters

Daddy Justice asks Becky about her attorney husband’s conviction for wire fraud.

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2 Responses to Rebecca Cheuvront 3 — Fraudsters

  1. Mark says:

    People may look at this and wonder why Daddy justice is bothering this lady, but to know that she is a bad person, masquerading as a good person, with a lot of skeletons in her closet is important, especially when she is part of the group who cares more about money than justice. Thanks Daddy justice for exposing her for what she is. How many people like this are in your community?

  2. JenMorales says:

    This woman is evil beyond words! My husband was involved in a custody battle in which SHE was the attorney for his child’s mother, they violated so many of my husbands rights in that courtroom! My husband was victim of a robbery and this witch used it to her advantage saying his “shady ways” were not safe for the child, nevermind the fact that on the night it happened he didn’t have his daughter, it was her mother’s night. Long story short they used this incident to take his 50/50 custody and give him weekends. It didn’t matter that the mother of the child has numerous men in and out of the child’s life, she drinks a lot, the child is always left with people who allow the child to be in dangerous situations! I mean seriously! My guess is this court system will remain corrupted until god only knows when. I pray for all of these children.

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