Rebecca Cheuvront Extortion

Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront blackmails a parent into signing away custody.

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  1. Mark says:

    So, isn’t this what they call Karma? She has a kid in jail and a Husband also in jail because of fraud charges, now she is finally exposed for her illegal dealings.. How many people in the corrupt system are likely to abandon her now? How many will actually look at themselves and see if they can try to do the right thing going forward, to stop what will eventually envelop them? It will be interesting to watch. Thanks again Ben. It probably can’t be accurately calculated how many people you have helped because of your efforts, including those who are perpetrating these crimes- because that is what they were taught, or the money was just too good to abandon, or if they didn’t they would not fit in as part of the club- who now have the opportunity to set things right before they go down in flames themselves.

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