The Daddy Justice Mobile

Daddy Justice takes his message to the street in Lancaster!

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4 Responses to The Daddy Justice Mobile

  1. Janice Moore says:

    Hi Daddy Justice ,
    I love what you are doing. In Maine the first thing a lawyer says to anyone seeking a divorce is has he/she done anything that we can get a protective order for? It is promoted on the safe voices website that a women with a protective order is more likely to get custody of a child this is so wrong actually promoting using the order for child custody. Over and over our family courts are burdened with dealing with protection orders when divorces involve children. I do not know if its the same in your state. I worry about how a civil proceeding can take away constitutional rights without due process. It does not have to be proven just the judge believes it may have . Men lose the right to bear arms ,right to homes,right to children only because someone said so a basic rumor. But all of this you are aware. My question is does the protective orders in Pa as in Maine ask if the person has a known Metal health disorder? In other words if you have ever been treated with depression it is assumed that you are a danger to your family. On the other hand you can not question the accusers mental health status. This is discriminating asking for a person diagnoses and using it against them. am so surprised the disability’s rights movement has not fought against this stereotyping what do you think. I mean we know that third world country’s men beat women so can we say are you Muslim in the paper work as a basis of getting a protective order? I would think not. Talking about a person mental health should never be allowed in this kind of order it does not matter and is not relevant to if the person actually abused someone.
    Just blowing off some steam. A person medical diag is protected by HIPPA but when it comes to these orders it becomes public knowledge .

    • admin says:

      You are right on the track of truth.
      Answer; No on mental health question in PA.
      Thanks for voicing the unpopular reality.
      Loved my visit to Maine – beautiful!
      Daddy J.

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