Katherine Wood-Jacobs

Lancaster County Prothonotary Katherine Wood-Jacobs stonewalls Daddy Justice and then throws him out of the office, telling him not to record her.

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  1. TRS says:

    Selective enforcement is all the rage these days. Pick the winners and to hell with the loser’s crying foul. When they do, toss the evidence and deny deny deny to the end. If Lois Lerner can do it, so can Kathy Bates.

  2. Jim says:

    It is very aggravating that someone can be so incompetent or corrupt and threaten people who are trying to ask them to do their jobs for which they were elected. I sincerely hope the people see this and decide not to elect her and any of these other low class hoodlums again. These people are no more than “loosely” organized criminals.

  3. Confidant says:

    You should find out where all of Randall’s employees went. Since she took office 22-24 employees have left because of her. She thinks it’s because of pay, parking and union. It’s her. She’s completely oblivious to how she treats her employees. She never leaves her office and knows nothing of the jobs in the office.

    • admin says:

      Contact me 717 872-4018
      Daddy Justice

      • Confidant says:

        Let’s just say, we’re not each other’s biggest fans.. Also a former employee of her’s and Randall’s.

        It’s just about time someone else realizes her faults. Contrary to rumors, Prothonotary isn’t the best place to work anymore. It was great.

        She knows nothing of procedures in the office, she changes her mind on an almost daily basis. She can’t help customers at the counter or on the phone like her predecessors were competent and able.

        She is a kissass and only appreciates other kissasses. Without her deputies she would be up the creek without a paddle. She doesn’t hesitate to yell at or call out an employee in front other employees. She tells employees about other employees personal issues (medical, etc). NOT ETHICAL AT ALL!! OR LEGAL!

        She has discriminated against so many of us but lets others get away with it. She is not good for Lancaster County. I truly miss that office and everyone who used to be there, but I will never consider re-employment while she is there.

        She awards people with “jeans days” for a good deed.. wtf is this? We are not in high school. Grow up lady.

        • Happily Gone says:

          Well said, I couldn’t agree more!!!
          She doesn’t have a clue about the procedures of that office. She said when she got into office she was going to sit with each employee to learn their job function, NEVER happened. She keeps employees and her deputies engaged in long meetings in her office, taking them away from time they have to actually work in the place. This woman is making over 83,000 a year to sit in her office and talk all day, and keeping the other people who make the most money in the office tied up in there with her. Someone run against her, I know at least 24 people that will vote for you!

  4. Been There, Left That says:

    I left because of her tyrant ways!! and the county HR says “We can’t do anything about it because she is an elected official.” Be careful who you vote for!! Actually, it’s more like, be careful who you DON’T vote for. Nobody ran against her and that’s how she go into office. I always gave my best foot forward but as soon as “the music got too loud” or “your talking to your neighbor too much” the end result was being written up for doing a “poor job.” She patrols more like a school principal then she does an elected official. Proud and happy to know the word is getting out.

  5. Happily Gone says:

    I too use to work for this bully, she is completely incompetent and if not for her deputies she would be lost! The staff does the best they can but with such a high turnover since she took office, the public has paid the price during all the training of new hires not to mention all the wasted money to keep retraining people. She likes to brag how she is an elected official, but nobody ran against her, isn’t exactly anything to brag about. She spends her day behind that door having meetings about her next meeting or what other lame rule she is going to put on her “staff”. And for the record, you weren’t “disrupting her staff”, you weren’t doing what she wants you to do which was leave and that’s the bottom line. She treats most of her “staff” the same way , unfortunately there wasn’t video proof but the record of how many have POURED out of there since she took office speaks for itself.

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