Detective Andrew Morgan–A Good Day!

Any day you don’t get arrested is a good day, says Detective Andrew Morgan.

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2 Responses to Detective Andrew Morgan–A Good Day!

  1. Guest says:

    It will be a good day when these cocky cops stop hobnobbing with judges, period. There’s no way anyone can count on a truly fair trial when judges and cops are in bed together socially or otherwise. But that how the current kangaroo kourt racket works…obviously.

  2. crazy jeff says:

    wow, I went to school w/andy morgan. we would beat the crap out of him during recess. he pulled me over years ago (1990’s)gave me a hand full of tickets,said he has not forgot grade school. bud knisely is another pile of crap. he was my lawyer back in the day. he always bragged about hateing cops and would win many big cases. he screwed me out of thousands of $$$$$.

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