James Wolman Legacy

James Wolman’s stepson seems to have learned the wrong things from dear ol’ dad.

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5 Responses to James Wolman Legacy

  1. tony says:

    Wow. What a shame to have grown up with that guy Wolman for a father figure. And you’re telling us that this guy has been working against men for 40 years??? No wonder he is so angry at you. It seems inevitable that he is hiding a lot also. The son seemed nice. Too bad he followed in his fathers footsteps.

  2. Bill Hopkins says:

    You don’t know the first thing about Mr Wolman. As a father, James Wolman helped me to secure custody with my children and he is a good man. Mr Wolman gives of himself, does lots of pro bono work, and I am proud to have him in our community.
    Your video is just an attempt to get attention for yourself and your shameful website, which is full of lies and slander. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. CellDamage says:

    As a single father of two, currently duking it out in family court with my addict ex-wife, I applaud the shedding of light onto the clear cut struggle of fathers seeking custody of their children in todays world. Your efforts, at least to this dad, are bar none inspiring and a wonderful thing to see. Many fathers give up hope when met with the daunting task of facing the justice system. Many others simply do not have the means to do so, court can get seriously expensive. Subbed to your liveleak channel and will be checking out this site as well, keep up the great work you’re doing man.

  4. Josh says:

    Hey Big Daddy!

    I’m a 14 year old fan, please keep up the posts!

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